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Date: March 16 2005

Location: Flatrock and eastern Newfoundland





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Various news sources

High winds combined with abnormally high tides resulted in a storm surge that affected many areas of eastern Newfoundland. Exceptionally high waves caused destruction and damage in nine communities. In Flatrock the breakwater protecting the wharf and harbour was almost completely destroyed. The breakwater was constructed around 1990 at a cost of $2 million. The breakwater consisted of boulders 1-2 m diameter, and this material was transported over the wharf into the harbour area. The wharf itself was also damaged. The beach at Flatrock was overwashed in one area, causing road damage and closure for some hours.

In Trinity Bay, damage was caused when sea-ice was pushed on-shore by the surge. In Duntara a newly constructed sea-wall was destroyed. Most of the damage in Hants Harbour, Cavendish, Red Head Cove and Sibley's Cove was to stages, sheds, boats and fishing gear. Several roads were washed out.

Flatrock, March 17 (photographs by David Liverman)




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