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Date: March 29, 2013

Location: Conception Bay South



Latitude: 47° 32.2' 00" N

Longitude: 52° 57.5' 00" W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: CBC website, March 30, 2013

High sea surges have affected several communities in eastern Newfoundland, including the Conception Bay South area. Some CBS boat owners were concerned with the safety of their vessels during the storm surge that hit the waters early Friday.

The rock breakwater that once protected boats docked at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club at the harbour in CBS disappeared, leaving the boats more vulnerable to volatile water conditions.

Mark Warehan went out in the stormy weather to check on his yacht and ensure it was safe.

"I had all kinds of worries", Warehan said. "I didn't know if the wharf had been damaged, if the boat had let go, if rocks had made it all the way over to the boat". "I had visions of a catastrophe", he said.

Peter Lawrie, head of the sailing committee, said he went down to the wharf as soon as he heard about the breakwater being damaged. "We weren't expecting such a high surge," Lawrie said. "We knew there was going to be high tide, but it's certainly a surprise to us."

Lawrie said they have not received any reports of damage. "We've notified out membership and anybody who has boats in the water to check out their boats and make sure they're not damaged". Lawrie notified the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and hopes to have the breakwater repaired as soon as possible.

The rock breakwater at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club has fallen under the water due to harsh waves during the storm surge on Friday.

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