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Date: September 20, 2004

Location: The Beaches/ Admirals Beach





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: CBC website, news reports, CBC TV, The Telegram

Heavy winds and rain associated with the tail end of Hurricane Ivan swept across Newfoundland, causing minor flooding in many areas. Over 100 mm of rain fell in many areas of the Island. Damage was reported to have occurred in two communities, the Beaches in White Bay; and Admirals Beach, Southern Shore, Avalon Peninsula.

The Beaches were flooded in January 2004, and high winds and waves in this event caused damage to the road that connected the community to Hampden. Many residents chose to move out of their homes in case the road was cut.

The road to Admiral's Beach, Southern Shore, Avalon Peninsula was washed out. A small river in spate washed away theculvert and road, cutting off the community to road access. The Mayor indicated this is the third time this has happened in the last 20 years, with a bridge been washed away on one previous occasion. high winds also blew down a power pole in the community and work crews were unable to repair and retore electricity until the road was repaired.

Elsewhere sheep were trapped by flooding on the Branch River, a commercial greenhouse was destroyed by 140 kph winds in Burgeo, the road causeway to Twillingate was partially blocked by debris being washed up by high seas, washouts affected roads near Great Barasway, Fogo Island, and Greenspond; and a 40 m long foot-bridge was washed away in Brighton.

CBC report: "Beaches road washed out again"

21 September: Work crews are in the White Bay community of The Beaches cleaning after Monday's storm.

Many residents left their homes Monday evening not wanting to risk being cut off if the road to their town washed out completely.

Harvey Osmond, 75, says the road still wasn't fully repaired after it was heavily damaged by a storm last winter. He went to his daughter's house in nearby Hampden.

"They were supposed to restore the road like it was all the time. They did some work on it but that never stood," he says.

Don Denny, a heavy equipment operator with the Transportation Department, says about 90 per cent of what had been rebuilt by a contractor is now washed out.

"If they'd had the pavement put back, I don't think you would have got the washout that we got there," he says.....

Engineers from the Transportation Department are visiting The Beaches to determine a course of action.

CBC report: "Communities still cleaning up after rain, wind"

Sep 22 2004

ST. JOHN'S ÊÑÊ Damage reports are still pouring in from communities across the province following high winds and heavy rains earlier this week.

In King's Point, Mayor Baxter Newman says 50 basements and the Salvation Army church have been flooded. High waves have also damaged the town's breakwater.

In Change Islands, a wharf is down, and a roof has partially blown off a house.

In Leading Tickles, many trees are down in Ocean View park, and numerous headstones in the cemetery have been blown over.

In Brighton, a 40-metre walking bridge has been destroyed by huge wave swells.

The province's Transportation Department says it's still assessing damage in areas such as The Beaches, the Twillingate causeway, and along the south coast of the island.

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