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Date: September 27, 2005

Location: Stephenville and West Coast



Latitude: 48° 33' 00" N

Longitude: 58° 35' 00" W



Source: The Telegram, September 28, 29, 2005; VOCM web site; Western Star September 29 2005.

Heavy rainfall caused widespread damage in west coast communities, including Corner Brook, Stephenville, Reidville and Deer Lake. Over 110 mm of rain fell in a brief period.

The worst affected community was Stephenville (where 150 mm of rain was reported to have fallen in 12 hours). The two rivers running through the town burst their banks. Seventy-six homes were flooded, and approximately 180 residents were evacuated. The town declared a state of emergency. The three main bridges in Stephenville were not affected, but one bridge was washed out and many other roads system were damaged. Numerous breaks to the water system also occurred, resulting in most residents being without water for at least 24 hours.

The worst affected area was Brookside Drive, where Blanche Brook burst its banks. Residents suggested that the river had reverted to its original course (it was diverted during the construction of the air-force base in the 1940s). Other streets affected included Mill Place and Alexander Avenue.

Preliminary estimates of damage suggested that bridge repair and installing of bank amouring alone might cost upwards of $10 million.

Elsewhere, flooding was reported in Noels Pond and Black Duck Siding. In Kippens a bridge was closed and part of a road washed out; an excavator operator removed obstructions from Gaudon's Brook, likely averting flooding in two homes.

Traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway was delayed due to washouts where Pynn's Brook crossed the highway. The road to Gallants was affected by wash-outs in places. There was some flooding and property damage in Rocky Harbour.

In Reidville a major road was washed out, leading to 2-300 residents being cut-off for over 24 hours, and ninety being evacuated to Deer Lake. In addition flooding affected the water supply to the town. About 15 metres of road was completely removed where it crossed Trout Brook, a tributary of the Humber River, and only prompt action prevented further washouts at Rocky Brook.

It was reported that the Provincial Government was seeking disaster assistance from the Federal Government

Photo galllery of the Stephenville floods

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