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Date: April 18-19, 2006

Location: NE Newfoundland (Middle Arm, Burlington, Smith's Harbour, Indian Bay, Harry's Harbour, Rattling Brook, Springdale)







Source: VOCM web site, CBC web site

Heavy rainfall caused widespread damage in communities in north-east Newfoundland, including Middle Arm, Burlington, Smith's Harbour, Indian Bay, and Harry's Harbour. In total 90 communities were affected. Over 33 mm of rain fell on the Baie Verte Peninsula on April 18, resulting in extensive flooding. Middle Arm was the hardest hit community, with over 50 homes flooded. One house was also struck by a landslide. Flooding started after a culvert was blocked during heavy rain. town infrastructure was seriously damaged, including the sewer system, with damage estimated by the mayor as being "in the millions of dollars". Flooding caused the washing out of the roads to Burlington, Smith's Harbour and Middle Arm, cutting them off from the main Baie Verte highway. At least one resident had to be evacuated by helicopter due to medical reasons. Homes were also flooded in Burlington and Harry's Harbour, and roads were washed out in Indian Bay and Fleur-de- Lys. The road to Rattling Brook was also washed out, isolating the community. Springdale also was affected by flooding, with Noble's construction estimating $30,000 worth of damage.

In October 2006, further minor flooding occurred in Middle Arm, with several basements affected.

Photos below are from Middle Arm

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