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Date: August 10, 2006

Location: Mount Carmel/ St. Catherines





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: The Telegram

Heavy unforecasted rain caused the Salmonier River to flood, causing damage to roadways and other infrastructure. Over 40 mm of rain fell in a brief period. The area worst affected was the Rattling Brook bridge, along Route 93 in Mount Carmel, with many other shoulder wash-outs along routes 93 and 90. Roads were closed for much of Thursday and Friday. Many homes had flooded basements.

The Telegram:

Rain swells Salmonier River

By midday, main roads were flooded and road shoulders washed out in several areas from Salmonier down through to New Bridge as ditches normally accustomed to handling a trickle of runoff were suddenly forced to cope with near river-like rushes.

The RCMP issued warnings for drivers to ease off on the gas for fear of weakened roads and the ever-present hydroplaning threat.

The provincial Department of Transportation advised people early on to stay out of the area until things could return to some semblance of normalcy.

Crews worked to dredge overflowing areas, while filling wash-outs in an attempt to preserve the integrity of area roads. Warning signs and pylons were also set up in places that posed a hazard to the motoring public.

Sticks, rocks and other debris were carried onto roads and properties; summer homes and sheds along the banks of the Salmonier River in St. Catherine's experienced flooding as the silt-browned river overstepped its normally comfortable boundaries.

....A sign on the road heading into Mount Carmel warned of rough roads ahead. They weren't kidding. And now it''s much worse. One bridge was completely washed out, and another lies on the cusp of ruin."

The Telegram of Saturday, August 12 reported that between $100,000 and $150,000 of damage was done to roads in the area.

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