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Date: August 29, 2006

Location: Witless Bay, Avalon Peninsula





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: CBC website, VOCM web site.

High winds and large waves destroyed boats in Witless Bay, and Bauline East, Avalon Peninsula.

CBC website:

'Raging' sea destroys boats in Witless Bay - August 29 2004

Several fishing boats in a Newfoundland fishing community were damaged or destroyed by high seas early Tuesday morning.

High waves struck parts of the Southern Shore, a stretch of coastline immediately south of St. John's.

John Carey said four boats, including his own, were lost in Witless Bay.

"Everything was going mad. The seas were raging over the wharf," Carey told CBC News Tuesday.

"My boat, you couldn't get near it with the seas."

Carey used his boat for recreational fishing, and had not insured it. He estimated his losses at about $5,000. Other boats, he said, were more expensive.

Damages were also reported in Bauline East.

Carey said there was no advance warning of high seas.

Environment Canada, however, included gale warnings in the marine forecast. A spokesperson said a low pressure system east of the Avalon Peninsula has been generating high waves.

VOCM website:

Heavy Seas Pound Witless Bay - August 29 2004

Some fishermen are counting their losses after heavy seas damaged several vessels in Witless Bay. The final tally from that storm surge is heavy: four boats are in splinters and several others have damage of varying degrees. Harry Carey, who lost a brand new 18-foot boat in the Monday night swell, says he has never seen anything like it. He says around 9:00 the water was as calm as oil and there was no wind. Then by about 11:30 it was like a tidal wave coming in with large waves crashing the wharf and everything in its path. Owners worked frantically to get their boats out of the water yesterday. Environment Canada attributes the coastal surge to a low pressure system near the Grand Banks. Joe O'Brien with O'Brien's Whale and Bird Tours in Bay Bulls, says people in the area are familiar with this sort of situation.

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