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Date: 22 August 1892

Location: Clode Sound



Latitude: 54* 00' W

Longitude: 48* 25' N

Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 2

Source: Royal Gazette, August 25, 1892

The Gazette reported an accident on the Hall's Bay railway line on "Monday last". Heavy rains had washed out part of the line including support of one of the bridges. A train arriving from Clode Sound at full speed was unable to stop. The crew jumped off the train but David Sullivan (aged 24) was trapped and fell 25 feet with brake and engine; his body was recoved an hour later. Mr Gushue, the postmaster from Whitbourne jumped into water and was nearly drowned and a man named Reid was seriously injured. has on record a petition from Sullivan's mother to the Supreme Court for "letters of administration" for his estate, as he died without a will. This petition gives the date of death as 22 August, and the location as "near Clode Sound". Sullivan left gooods and property to the value of around $500.

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