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Date: December 1906

Location: area between South Branch and Port au Basques





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Daily News, December 28, 1906.

Washouts caused by a pervious storm resulted in the areas on the West Coast west to be impassable by train. Another rain and storm on the West Coast hindered operations to repair the damages caused by the washouts between South Branch to Port au Basques. A large gang of men were employed at both ends to repair the damage, but were slowed down due to the downpour of rain. Areas east of South Branch have not been repaired. At North Branch the damage was greatest; the abutments of a bridge were badly damaged by the impact of the ice, when the rivers broke up. The express could only go as far as Bay of Islands, the passengers connected there with Bruce, for North Sydney.

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