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Date: February 9, 1933

Location: Humber Arm

Easting: 430000

Northing: 5424000

Latitude: 49° 00' 00" N

Longitude: 58° 05' 00" W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Western Star Feb 15, 1933

High winds and "tidal wave" affected Curling, and flooded stores along the waterfront. Water flooded houses at Humbermouth, Petries, Gilliams, Middle Arm and McIvers with considerable damage to property. At Sandy Point (Flat Bay Island), waves swept over and through breakwater flooding many houses. The railway was damaged at Grand Bay. At the approach to Main Gut bridge in Bay St. George, 40 feet of track washed away and delayed the train for 2 days.

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