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Flooding is part of the natural environmental processes. It is often caused by heavy rainfalls in combination with rapid melting of snow on the ground. Other causes of floods include ice jams in rivers and high tides with storm surges along the coast. Many flooding incidents affect wide areas. Only those incidents that can be clearly identified with a single location are plotted on the map. Other incidents are listed below (bold text indicates fatal incident):

This study was aimed mainly at identifying incidents of coastal flooding rather than providing a comprehensive listing of flood events in Newfoundland. Other publications attempt to address the issues of floods and storms, notably the following:

  • Environment Canada. Flooding Events in Newfoundland and Labrador - An Historical Perspective. Prepared by A.D. Kindervater, Inland Waters Directorate, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 80-WPMB-4. July 1980.
  • Ruffman, A, Hattie, K, Boyce, D, Stevenson, B, Smith, A, Buchan, G and Snow, D. 1990. Historic Seismicity and Record of Severe Storms with Coastal Flooding for Western Newfoundland: Search of the Western Star of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, April 4, 1900-June 15, 1964, Album of Articles. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File No. 2407(1991), 637 pp.

For more information on floods and flooding the following external web sites are recommended:

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