Natural Resources


Date: January 11-19, 1983

Location: Central, southern, and western Newfoundland




Injuries: 0

Source: Environment Canada. Flood Events in Canada, 1983-1987. Water Planning and Management Branch, Inland Waters Directorate. October, 1988.

Central, southern, and western Newfoundland; January 11 to 19, 1983; due to mild temperatures and excessive rainfall from a major winter storm, homes and highways were damaged along the Exploits and Gander Rivers (central), the Conne River (southern), and in Stephenville (west coast). The flood occurred after 189 mm of rain fell within a 36-hour period, destroying several homes, businesses and other infrastructure worth approximately $4 million; several homes, two railway cars and a local club were washed away; approximately 500 people were evacuated; numerous washouts along many central highways forced travellers to seek refuge; no loss of life or personal injury was reported. Flooding in the Exploits and Gander River basins resulted in partial damage to the dam and power house in Bishop Falls on the Exploits River. Total damages were estimated at $34 million.

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