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Date: March 22, 1900

Location: Exploits Bridge, Central Newfoundland





Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Royal Gazette, March 27, 1900

“On last Thursday the splendid railway bridge at the Exploits was carried away by a great freshet, which piled the ice above the bridge thus making a barrier, which raised the water over 38 feet. When the pressure of the river broke through its icy dam the water poured down with irresistible force, carrying with it thousands of tons of ice, which absolutely lifted the bridge from its piers and carried the immense mass of iron some distance down the river. This is the second time Exploits Bridge has been carried away, and it is a matter of general regret that the contractor should have met such a lost in getting a new bridge in place and meantime it is understood that a temporary wooden trestle bridge will be erected.”

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