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Date: September 11, 1995

Location: Burin Peninsula



Latitude: 47° 00' 00" N

Longitude: 55° 40' 00" W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Southern Gazette, September 19, 1995.

Hurricane Luis (category 3, with at least 116 mm of rain).

Many roads and private property on the Burin Peninsula suffered damaged, total cost of damages $1,631,000. Damage to roads on the Burin Peninsula cost $570,000.

A portion of the highway between Frenchman’s Cove and Grand Beach was flooded and made impassable. Highway 220 near Lamaline washed out. Highway 220 near Point May washed out.

In Marystown, heavy rain and wind caused many roads to be damaged, bridges collapsed, several basements were flooded and private property was flooded. Total cost of damages was $791,340.60. In the Ville Marie Drive / Drake’s Cove area, large amount of property was damaged, including a garage, several houses, construction equipment, and several cars. Also, 200 m of road was washed away as water flowed over Columbia Drive and across Ville Marie Drive. Cost was $436, 656 in compensation and $80,000 in prejudgment interest. On Marine Drive, the road and 6 houses were damaged by rain water.

In Fox Cove-Mortier, a half a dozen washouts developed in that area. A washout on the highway to Fox Harbour resulted in the diversion of traffic from the point in Fox Cove. Also, another washout left people living on the point in Mortier stranded. Total cost of damage caused by Luis was $126,000; $82,000 municipal and $44,000 residential.

In Epworth, the roads were damaged. Both sides of the road leading into Epworth were washed away by the rain. Bugden's Brook overflowed its banks, flooding Bugden's Bridge and damaging two near by homes. One of the two homes had a flooded basement, damaged chicken coop, and a damaged camper trailer. The other home also experienced flooding and extensive property damage. The cost of damage to the first home was $3,000. The cost of damage to the other home was $10,000.

In Little St. Lawrence, a bridge was washed out. In St. Lawrence, several washouts appeared around town, many shoulders of roads were damaged, drainage systems were eroded, and residential properties were damaged. The drainage systems were blocked with debris left from the storm. It was predicted that the next normal rainfall may be a threat to the community. The south end of Fairview Avenue and a section of the road heading to Salt Cove Brook had to be repaired. A 2 mile area in the lower part of town was flooded when the culvert and the Main Brook overflowed. Total cost was $367,000; $348,000 municipal and $19,916 residential

In Lawn, several washouts appeared around the town. In particular in the Jersey Room area, water from an overtaxed culvert eroded a 150 ft area and sent water and debris toward a house. The basement was then flooded. Total cost of damages in Lawn was $366,000.

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