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Date: September 21-22, 2010

Location: eastern Newfoundland





Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 0

Source: CBC website, news reports, CBC TV, The Telegram

Significant flooding and several landslides occurred on September 21/22, 2010 during Hurricane Igor. This was a Level 1 hurricane that tracked along the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula, and which combined with an associated low-pressure system that passed through Newfoundland at the same time, brought maximum rainfall amounts of 236.2 mm (St. Lawrence), and maximum wind gusts of 172 km/hr (at Cape Race). Damage from flooding occurred throughout eastern Newfoundland, including the Burin, Bonavista and Avalon peninsulas. Numerous roads were washed out, bridges destroyed or damaged, and residences inundated. The Trans Canada highway was closed for several days due to a washout in Terra Nova National Park. There was one fatality, near Britannia on Random Island when a road collapsed and an onlooker was swept into the adjacent river.

Several small landslides occurred during the hurricane, at Elliott’s Cove and Britannia on Random Island, Long Beach near Clarenville, Southern Harbour, Gambo and Marystown. None resulted in the evacuation of adjacent property.

Repairs from the effects of the storm were expected to take several years, with costs likely in excess of $100 million.

View of property at Gambo affected by flooding related to Hurricane Igor. Coarse material was deposited adjacent to the hillside while finer sediment (mostly sand) was deposited at the edges of the fan. In some places grass is still visible.

Image of affected slope behind 11 Job Street, Gambo. Note the wide crack at the back of the garage and the settling of the concrete. Note also the evidence of previous attempts to stabilize slope in front of garage. The slope is composed of loose sand and gravel.

Landslides on coast at Southern Harbour

View of top of landslide surface adjacent to Slade house at Elliott’s Cove, Random Island. The house is at least 22 m from the cliff edge. Photo courtesy of Barry Gillingham.

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