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Date: September 23, 1999

Location: St. Brides, Placentia Bay

Easting: 715000

Northing: 5199700

Latitude: 46° 55' 00" N

Longitude: 54° 10' 00" W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 1

Source: The Evening Telegram Friday Sept 24, 1999, Emergency Preparedness Canada

"In the light of day Thursday, Tommy White surveyed the debris and devastation around the wharf, where only hours before the terrified fisherman extended a two by four to one man hurled into the sea by tropical storm Gert, and then clamped the wrist of another man before pulling them both to safety. It was pitch black and two storey high waves were slamming over the submerged wharf when Lar Barry, 74 and his sons Anthony and Paddy were swept into the water after trying to secure their boat. Gert had already devoured a three-foot thick by 20-foot long section of a concrete spraywall, which serves as a breakwater for the harbour. The 45-foot waves also clamored over the adjacent 20-foot high wall of boulders and slashed back and forth over the 50 tied up boats. By late Thursday, Lar Barry's condition had improved and he was expected to leave the intensive care unit."

A record 1-day rainfall was caused by the remnants of tropical storm Harvey and Hurricane Gert. Oxford NS was flooded when two nearby rivers overtopped their banks, after receiving 200 mm of rain in one day. A seniors' residence of 30 people and 15 families were evacuated from Moncton NB which received 160 mm of rain. A number of bridges and roads were washed out in the region. In Newfoundland, 10 m whitecaps smashed the breakwater to pieces at Lord's Cove, and destroyed a number of buildings. Wharves were also destroyed in St. Brides, and Placentia Bay NF.

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