Natural Resources


Date:December 9, 1912

Location:Bay de Verde

Easting: ?

Northing: ?

Latitude: 48° 05' 00" N

Longitude: 52° 54' 00" W



Source: Cape Breton Post, December 1912

"After a heavy rain of Friday week a landslide of considerable volume occurred at the rear of Bay de Verde. Hundreds of tons of rock and earth became loosened on one of the cliffs and came down with a crash. Walsh¹s and other stages and flakes were completely demolished and but that Mr. Walsh had some warning when some single rocks fell preceding the big fall he would have been killed. He had to jump into the water and swim to an inlet some distance away to save his life. In his stage were 60 quintals of cod fish which was covered with earth, rock and debris." The exact location of this landslide is not known as steep slopes are common around the harbour. Bay de Verde also is known to have problems with rockfalls.

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