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Date: June 18, 2008

Location: Daniel's Harbour

Easting: 458400

Northing: 5565500



Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: Martin Batterson obervations, CBC report

A landslide that occurred on or about June 18th at Daniel's Harbour. The landslide occurred on the cliff immediately adjacent to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans light station in the community, and approximately 400m south of the major landslide in April 2007. The affected area was approximately 20 m wide, with a vertical exposure of about 7 m. The toe of the slide extended about 10 m onto the cobble to boulder beach at the base of the cliff, and has bulldozed material in front of it to a height of about 2 m. The June 2008 slide is thus small compared to the April 2007 event. The cliff in the slide area is lower than the area to the north and extends about 15 m above modern sea level. Up-slope of the failure zone is a relict landslide scar, which is now completely re-vegetated. The sediments exposed in the cliff are similar to those exposed in the slide area to the north, although the uppermost sand and gravel layer is largely absent. The coast between the June 2008 slide and the April 2007 landslide zone shows considerable evidence of recent slope activity. Small failures zones are common, with areas of dislocation noted on the cliff below which vegetation has been displaced downslope. Turf mats derived from the cliff tops are common on the cliff face.

The area was fenced off, and access to a board walk blocked while further studies were made.

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