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Date: July 24, 1888

Location: North-East Arm, Placentia

Easting: 275800

Northing: 5236000

Latitude: 47° 14' 00" N

Longitude: 53° 58' 00" W

Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 3

Source: Twillingate Sun and Northern Weekly Advertiser; Evening Telegram

This fatal accident is described in the Twillingate Sun and Northern Weekly Advertiser as transcribed from on the NFGenWebopens new window opens new window web site.

Aug 4, 1888

The following special dispatch to the Daily Colonist, July 26th, informs us of an accident on the Placentia railway:-- Placentia, July 25. "An accident occurred yesterday on the railway, three miles from Rock Cut, North-east Arm. Thirty men were shovelling under an overhanging clay bank when it fell in burying four of the unfortunate men and severely injuring them. The names of injured men are CONRAN and HENNESEY of Kelligrews, WOODFORD of Harbor Main, and a young man belonging to Harbor Grace, whose name has not been ascertained. WOODFORD died from his injuries last night, but the others are expected to survive. Medical attendance was promptly secured by the railway officials."

The Evening Telegram report is nearly identical

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