Natural Resources


Date: Winter 2012

Location: Signal Hill, St. John's



Latitude: 47° 34.1' N

Longitude: 52° 41.1' W

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Source: CBC website, April 8, 2012

Officials hope to be able to re-open one of the most popular walking trails in St. John's, after falling rocks caused heavy damage to parts of the trail wrapping Signal Hill. The North Head Trail, a sometimes challenging trail that involves stairs, a boardwalk and steep climbs, normally re-opens by this time of year, but remains closed as crews make repairs.

"People are really itching to get out," said Glenn Keough, the Parks Canada manager of the site. "We'll get it done as quickly as we can, but of course safety is our first concern."

Crews are cleaning up after a three-metre section of boardwalk and railing that were destroyed by falling rocks. Parts of the trail were also torn up. Keough said crews are also trying to ensure that the face of the nearby cliff itself is stable.

"Once we get that done and we deem it to be safe, then we can get our guys in there to work on the boardwalk and trail itself because even right now our guys aren't permitted in there, (in) that section, because of the possibility of rock fall," Keough said in an interview. Keough said he did not want to estimate how long it might take, but noted that Parks Canada would like to open the trail quickly.

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