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Date: June 1, 1903

Location: Pouch Cove

Easting: 367650

Northing: 5291400

Latitude: 47° 44' 50" N

Longitude: 52° 46' 30" W

Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 0

Source: Daily News, June 1, 1903

Killed by a rock

"Mr WH Liddy of Torbay telephoned the News on Saturday morning that a man named Constantine had been killed at Pouch Cove. The unfortunate man is David Constantine and the circumstances connected with his untimely end are very sad. He was working on the north side of the Cove building a small wharf when a boulder became loosened and rolled down the hill, bringing with it tons of gravel and stones. The boulder struck the man on the back and head, cleaving open the latter, and mutilating his back and he died instantly. He leaves a wife and eight children to mourn their loss."

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