Natural Resources


Date: November 13, 1901

Location: Capahayden (Broad Cove at the time)

Easting: 351600

Northing: 5191500

Fatalities: 1

Injuries: 0

Source: Daily News, Nov 13, 1901

"SHOCKING ACCIDENT Mr. O'NEIL, of Damerill's Street, received a message last night informing him of an accident that occurred to his nephew, which ended in his death. The young man, whose name is SHEEHAN, was engaged with a number of others salving the wreckage of the S. S. Vera, which was lost there some time ago, and when near the cliff, a large stone suddenly fell from the precipice, hitting SHEEHAN in the head. He was picked up by his fellow workmen in an unconscious condition and taken to the residence where all possible, under such circumstances, was done to try and bring him to his senses. The men used every available skill and energy but without success. For twelve hours he lingered, and then the unfortunate man expired without the least sign of consciousness. The young man was most energetic and of good character, and had only reached the age of 21 years. The sad fatality has naturally cast a gloom over the place and to his sorrowing family and friends, the "News" tenders its condolences."

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