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Geology and Geological Features

This collection of photographs, adapted from "Geology and Geological Features: Examples from Newfoundland and Labrador - A Photographic Slide Collection" compiled by B.F. Kean (1993), was compiled as a teaching resource for Newfoundland schools. It includes examples of the major rock types found in Newfoundland, as well as sedimentary and tectonic structures, glacial features, geomorphology and mineralization.

A brief introduction to rocks and minerals and the rock-forming processes PDF (455 KB) is also included. An abbreviated glossary of commonly used geological terms will provide information to help understand the photograph descriptions.

The collection is divided into eleven major categories:

Each category will give a brief summary of the rock type, structure or specimen included and the location and the circumstances of collection of the specimen. Objects such as pocket knives, coins and people are used to provide a scale, giving the viewer an appreciation of size.

There is also a collection of mineral specimens from Newfoundland and Labrador that you might like to see.

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