Natural Resources

Educational Tools for Prospectors

Navigating the Resource Atlas

Exploring the Geoscience Atlas - A Quick Guide (2014) PDF (4.8 MB)
Exploring the Geoscience Atlas - (Nov. 2016) PDF (11 MB

Land Management and Government Services

Claim Staking, License Management and Assessment Reporting  PDF (1 MB)
Staking and Maintaining Claims  PDF (138 KB)
Assessment Report Essentials for the Prospector  PDF (11.6 MB)
Guidelines for Exploration and Assessment Reporting
Mineral Exploration Approvals  PDF (207 KB)
Prospector Assistance Grants  PDF (3.5 MB)

Exploration Methods

Accessing Public Geochemical Data in NL  PDF (5 MB)
Assays and Geochemical Analysis
Geophysics for Mineral Exploration  PDF (2.2 MB)
A Guide to Geochemistry in NL  PDF (3.4 MB)
A Guide to Prospecting in NL  PDF (2.6 MB)
Research and Compilation  PDF (696 KB)

Prospectors Short Courses

An Overview of Geochemical Methods - CIM Prospectors Short Course 2013  PDF (3.8 MB)
Alternative Geochemical Methods - CIM Prospectors Short Course 2014
Prospecting Under Cover - CIM Professional Short Course 2014  PDF (1.7 MB)
Productive Prospecting: Property Selection, Exploration and Marketing - CIM Prospectors Short Course 2015

Deposit Models

Guide to Epithermal Gold and Silver in NL  PDF (4.3 MB)
Guide to Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) Deposits  PDF (1.9 MB)
Guide to Prospecting for Uranium  PDF (2.2 MB)
Geology of REE Mineralization - CIM Prospectors Short Course 2011  PDF (700 KB)
Guide to Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) Deposits  PDF (267 KB)
Carlin-Type and Low-Sulphidation Epithermal Gold Deposits  PDF (15 MB)
Metallic Mineral Deposits of Newfoundland
     Part 1 - Introduction  PDF (3.6 MB)
     Part 2 - Volcanic-Hosted  PDF (9.8 MB)
     Part 3 - Sedimentary-Hosted  PDF (10.1 MB)
     Part 4 - Intrusion-Related  PDF (8.6 MB)
     Part 5 - Granite-Hosted  PDF (7.2 MB)
BC Ministry of Energy and Mines - Deposit Profiles
United States Geological Survey - Mineral Deposit Models
The Northern Miner - Geology 101

Field Trip Guides

Eastern Labrador Field Trip for Explorationists  PDF (5.9 MB)
Epithermal Gold, Eastern Avalon - CIM Prospectors Short Course 2012  PDF (3 MB)
Mineral Deposits of Newfoundland - a 1984 perspective  PDF (10.5 MB)
GAC Field Trips

Promotion and Option Agreements

Grooming and Optioning Your Property  PDF (1.53 MB)
Option Agreements: Advancing Your Property  PDF (738 KB)
Sample of Property Ownership Agreement  PDF (207 KB)

General Interest Articles

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills
The Value of the Prospector
Colorado Geological Survey - Uranium Rock Talk  PDF (968 KB)
Glossary of Terms  PDF (336 KB)
FAQ  PDF (183 KB)

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