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This area summarizes the administration and assessment of quarry materials and provides links to quarry location maps, and applications for quarry permits and licenses.

Quarry Rights Administration

This section provides detailed information on quarry rights acquisition, maintenance and assessment, and links to online information.

Materials Administration

  • Applications and Permitting
    • Cost of Permit/Lease:
      • Rental: $120/hectare
      • Royalty: $0.75/cubic metre
      • A non-refundable quarry permit application fee of $100 must be submitted with the rental fee.
    • Duration of Permit/Lease: quarry permits are for up to 12 months and have to be renewed every December 31. Leases are usually for 5 years up to a maximum of 20 years.
    • Condition(s) attached to Permit/Lease: different departments may set certain terms and conditions on the permit or lease in order for it to be approved.
  • Administration of the Quarry Materials Act
    • Setting regulations to effectively administer the Quarry Materials Act
  • Implementation of the Quarry Materials Act
    • Enforcing the Act and its regulations through quarry inspections.

Materials Assessment

  • Assessment of Quarry Materials
    • Aggregate source which deals with sand and gravel pits.
    • Rock source which deals with road-cuts and rock quarries.
    • Aggregate quality deals with the petrographic and geological history of the source.
  • Management of Resource
    • After an assessment is done, it is decided what the resource may be used for (ex. asphalt, concrete aggregate, Class A or B material for road building or for fill material).
  • Implementation of the Quarry Materials Act
    • Enforcement of the Act and regulations relating to the Act.
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Acts & Regulations

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Quarry Maps

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Quarry Permits & Applications

Permits and applications required to conduct quarrying activity in the province. Payment may be made online at or by mail.

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