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Released Geological/Geophysical Reports

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Area Description Exploration Licence Release Date
Flat Bay Vulcan Minerals
Seismic Line 98-106 Interpretation
View Report (3 MB)
98-116-01-ES March 19, 2003
Deer Lake Basin Inglewood
Cormack Seismic Program
View Base Map (288 KB)
97-114-01-ES & 97-114-03-ES Aug. 19, 2002 & Feb. 25, 2003
Glenburnie International Frontier
Seismic Program and Geological Study
View Report (398 KB)
97-113-01-ES & 97-113-02-EG March 1, 2002
St. George's London Resources
Data Purchase Plus Geol Study
98-111-01-EP Jan. 14, 2002
Lark Harbour Mobil
Test Holes, Lark Harbour, York Harbour, Little Port
96-103-02-ED Jan. 1, 2002
Mobil Seismic Test Program, Serpentine Lake 96-103-01-ES Dec. 1, 2001
Port au Port & Bay of Islands Mobil
Geophysical Interpretation Report, Port au Port and Bay of Islands Area, Western Newfoundland
97-103-01-EP Nov. 25, 2001
Port au Port Hunt Oil
Transition Seismic, PAP Bay Area
View Seismic
96-106-02-ES Nov. 20, 2001
Flat Bay London Resources
DD Flat Bay
96-111-01-ED Nov. 12, 2001
Flat Bay Sandhurst Roxanna
Vibe Program, 73.74 km seismic
96-109-01-ES June 23, 2001
Parsons Pond Talisman
Dynamite Program, 60 km seismic
View Report (113 KB)
96-110-02-ES April 14, 2001
Robinson's River Sandhurst Roxanna
Reproduction and Reprocessing of Robinson’s River Line, 82 km seismic
95-109-02-ER March 15, 2001
Seismic Data Purchase of Line 95-1 & 95-7
96-106-01-NP Feb. 7, 2001
Bellburns Talisman
Vibe Program, 74 km seismic
View Report (113 KB)
96-110-01-ES Jan. 22, 2001
Flat Bay Sandhurst Roxanna
Landsat Study Flat Bay Area
View Report (1 MB)
95-109-01-EL Dec. 15, 2000
Squid Cove Line/Castor's River Block Vinland
Squid Cove Seismic Line, Interpretative Report
View Report (40 KB)
95-105-01-ES Oct. 15, 2000
Big Spring Block/Castor River Block Vinland
Northern Blocks Field Study and Geochemical Analysis of Core Samples
View Report (47 KB)
94-105-02-EC April 26, 2000
Deer Lake Basin Vinland
Deer Lake Seismic Study-Operations and Interpretation Report; Seismic Lines;
View Report (33 KB)
94-105-03-ES Sept. 9, 1999
Deer Lake Basin Vinland
Geochemical Correlation Study Report
View Report (56 KB)
94-105-01-EC May 6, 1999
Port au Port Hunt Oil
87 km Seismic Program (includes interpretation report and maps)
View Report (32 KB)
93-106-02-ES April 3, 1999
St. George's Bay Hunt Oil
St. George’s Bay, Port au Port 3300 km Aeromagnetic Survey (includes reports & maps)
View Report (281 KB)
93-106-01-EM March 17, 1998
Deer Lake Basin Vinland
Geological Study; Deer lake Basin Study of Petroleum Potential & Regional Petroleum Prospectivity of the Deer Lake Group on Permits 93-103 & 93-104
View Report (812 KB)
93-105-01-EG Nov. 1, 1998
Hare Bay Area & Plum Point Area (Castor’s River) Vinland
Geological Study; Report to Vinland on the Resource Potential of Western NL Exploration Parcels 8 & 9
View Report (85 KB)
92-105-01-EG Jan. 15, 1998
Parsons Pond/Portland Creek Norcen
92.55 km Seismic Survey, Report "Interpretative Report of Seismic Survey" (includes figures & 1:50,000 scale maps)
View Report (29 KB)
92-104-01-ES April 9, 1998
(Western NL)
Catoche Dolomite project, Anticosti Basin, Eastern Canada: Final Report
View Report (3.6 MB)
92-104-02-EG Dec. 31, 1997
(Western NL)
Mobil Oil
Cambro-Ordovician Reservoir Study; 6 Reports on regional porosity
Report 1 (139 KB) Report 2 (145 KB)
Report 3 (94 KB) Report 4 (618 KB)
Report 5 (108 KB) Report 6 (39 KB)
92-103-01-EG Dec. 31, 1997
Port au Choix BHP
Three Diamond Drill Holes; Report entitled "Core Analysis Report" (plus 4 binders of Core Photography for 5 Western NL seismic lines)
View Report (35 KB)
91-102-01-ED Jan. 24, 1997
Parsons Pond Norcen
10 km seismic line; Seismic Section
91-104-01-PE March 14, 1996
Robinson's River CERR/DME
13 km seismic
89-101-01-RS 1990


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Department of Natural Resources, Energy Branch
4th Floor,Natural Resources Building
50 Elizabeth Av.
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